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.Orillia Against Drunk Driving (OADD) is an non-profit organization dedicated in the work to reduce and eliminate drinking and driving in the province of Ontario We recognize the importance of public awareness campaigns and have been developing and promoting several programs since the organization was founded in November 1994.

Orillia Against Drunk Driving (OADD) is not affiliated with Madd

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Attention: Anisha M. Taherzadeh
Associate General Counsel

I am in receipt of your several correspondence letters to "cease-and-desist" with our efforts.

You appear to send out cease-and-desist letters without regard to the facts.

The mark you make mention of in your cease-and-desist letter to us is an Official Registered Trademark of Orillia Against Drunk Driving (OADD) This is not MADD’s mark.

With regard to the US trade-mark registrations cited in your correspondence, these are not enforceable in Canada.

Be advised that it is our position that, any party legitimately engaged in campaigning against impaired driving is entitled to make use of the clearly descriptive words “against drunk driving” and the acronym OADD. MADD does not own a monopoly on those words, but rather is limited to the boundaries of its Canadian trade-mark portfolio and by the prohibition set out in section 12(1)(b) of the Canadian Trade-Marks Act.

I trust that your organization will govern itself accordingly.
Doug Abernethy
Orillia Against Drunk Driving (OADD)

The organization was founded by Doug Abernethy in November 1994, as a direct result of the tragic and senseless death of his
 15-year-old brother Tim Abernethy who was killed by a drunk driver.  The organization was never affiliated with Madd although our goal is the same, which is to reduce and eliminate impaired driving. 

Last up dated May 27,2009

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Orillia Against Drunk Driving (OADD) is not affiliated with Madd